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tracey 26.07.2022 16:47

HI, Looking for male puppies fall/winter 2022/2023.

Alaine 26.07.2022 18:42

I won't have any puppies until next year at some point.

Robin 07.05.2022 11:36

Hi Alaine, We spoke back in October. Wondering if you have decided to breed and if there will be any chocolates? TY

Alaine 07.05.2022 13:01

I breed goldens not labs!

Dan 26.04.2022 15:10

Hi there! Curious if you have started a list yet. Thank you!

Alaine 04.05.2022 16:02

Hi. Please email me at

Alaine 02.04.2022 00:16

Hi. I have not started a list yet. I do plan on breeding both my girls the end of April/beginning of May. I will post when time is closer.

Stephanie 31.03.2022 14:16

Hi, I am interested in a puppy for our family. Do you have a waitlist?

albert sweeney 01.01.2022 18:17

Looking for a male young golden or puppy. How do I apply for one of your puppies? Our vet. recommended you.

alaine 19.02.2022 00:05

Hi. I wont have pups until early summer, going to new homes late summer. I have not started a list yet as not sure of my plans.Please just check back.

Janet DellaGuistina 04.10.2021 19:59

I recently lost my sweet girl and am now looking for a new best friend to give all my love to. I was wondering if you have any upcoming litters planned?

Alaine 05.10.2021 20:39

I won’t have a litter until late spring, sorry.

bill benson 08.05.2021 13:44

I know you are very busy and I am just one of hundreds who write to you about a Golden puppy.
I just lost my best friend of 15 years and since she was a rescue, the whole process is new to me. I’m certainly finding out a lot!
I loved you web pag

Joan MacSwan 29.04.2021 15:19

Sadly I lost my Golden Ben last year. I am now ready to bless my life with a new Golden Puppy. My heart smiles every time I think of it. Looking for a puppy.

alaine 22.04.2021 16:37


Barbara Barre 08.04.2021 14:10

Alaine, I am not sure where to post my message, but I am looking for another beautiful pup from one of your upcoming litters. Please put me on your list.

Joseph Swift 31.03.2021 12:12

Inquiring re: the availability of puppies from one of your upcoming litters.

Lynn Leonard 27.03.2021 15:53

Your babies are beautiful. We would love to adopt. I contacted you last spring and are still very interested. Do you have any spots in this litter or future?

Courtney Chilov 22.03.2021 15:18

Your Goldens are gorgeous! We're in Brooklyn (with a backyard!) very interested in a Golden puppy join our family, any spots on list for litter coming? Thanks!

Chan Lee 16.03.2021 15:47

Cindy at Lycinan referred us to you. We would love to adopt a puppy. Please let us know about the Spring litter!

Robert Frank 05.03.2021 16:54

Hello, I am Bob Frank living in Lewes, DE with my wife Jan. We would be interested in acquiring a Golden Retriever Puppy. Timeframe is very flexible.

Maddy Kaufman 27.02.2021 23:48

Hi Alaine, We spoke on the phone today. My parents have a golden whose father is Flash; Cindy referred me to you. Posting here so I can see updates. Thanks!

Sarah 21.02.2021 18:41

I would love to adopt from your late spring litter. Posting here so that I can follow updates. Thank you.

Jennifer Risser 14.02.2021 21:00

Noticed that you plan to have puppies in the late spring, and would like to be
added to your waiting list, if possible. Would love to add a puppy to our fam!

Sarah McConnell 14.02.2021 20:17

Do you have a waitlist for future puppies?

Shirley Bloomfield 13.02.2021 21:37

Love to be added to any waitlist you might have. Your pups are adorable and we are looking to add to keep our 10 year old golden company!

Wendy 10.02.2021 17:25

Hi, I'm interested in adding a puppy to my family. I'll be checking back on your page, thanks for keeping us updated!

alaine 03.02.2021 19:46

I don't have any puppies coming now. At some point this spring I will. Will post info. on this website.

Suzanne Lent 03.02.2021 00:41

Family looking for a puppy. We live in Harford County on 3 acres. An active family. Have a female black lab who is wonderful just needs a brother. Thank you!

robert chester 02.02.2021 16:17

alaine,Thanks for taking time to discuss Goldens and keeping me in mind if any come availiable

robert chester 01.02.2021 15:58

I was refered to you by AnneRiepe who I know. My Luke passed in Dec. from Liver cancer after being together for 13 yrs. He was one of Cindy Williamson's

Alaine 30.01.2021 20:08

Hi. I am planning on breeding Bets but she is not in season yet. I will post information when breeding takes place. I am not making a list of people yet.

Megan 30.01.2021 03:23

Hello! Do you have puppies on the horizon? We've decided to get a Golden, and we're excited! Any information you could provide would be appreciated!

Colleen Clark 24.01.2021 16:05

Good morning! I see that you have posted about a litter late Spring 2021. Are all of the pups reserved? We are looking for a female. Thanks in advance.

Alaine 24.01.2021 21:16

Colleen-that is all the space i have to write info. back!

Alaine 24.01.2021 21:16

Hi. I have only made a list of repeat buyers so far. Until Bets is bred and confirmed pregnant, I will not add any names. If you want check back on my website

Alaine 28.12.2020 22:45

Thank you!

Katie Gavazzi 28.12.2020 05:15

Hi! Our family is interested in a female Golden Retriever puppy when you have your next litter. Your dogs are beautiful! We will be checking back. Thanks!

Alaine 21.12.2020 23:07

I am not sure of my plans yet. I will post on website when I know what I am going to do. Please just check back. Thank you.

Yuliya Feldman 22.12.2020 15:01

Thank you very much! We will be checking back.

Yuliya Feldman 21.12.2020 03:00

Good evening! Our family is interested in a male golden retriever puppy next spring/summer. Would appreciate information about upcoming litter and application.

Alaine 20.12.2020 17:30

I am not making a list yet. Too far in advance! Thank you.

Dani 20.12.2020 01:51

Hi, we are looking to bring home a golden sometime late spring/summer 2021. Do you have any new info on your litter due then?

Alyssa 09.12.2020 23:18

Hi! I would love to join a waitlist as soon as you know if you have any litters upcoming! How would we move forward with the process? :)

Katie 07.09.2020 11:02

We are interested in a puppy sprinf 2021 is perfect timing. Is there a way to be updated when you have puppies available?

Alaine 07.09.2020 19:20

Hi. I am just telling people to check back on my website when the time is closer to see my plans. It is too far ahead to know what I am doing yet.

Mark katz 25.08.2020 16:51

Linda . Mark Katz The Dog Trainer. Hope You and All You Love are Well. Just spoke with Elaine

Hamilton. Said to Call you.. my #410 329 6521

Alaine 20.07.2020 21:03

Hi. I am not sure when I will have pups. Please recheck my website to see if I have posted plans. Thank you.

Cindy Gebreyesus 18.07.2020 17:09

My name is Cindy Gebreyesus and I live in Newport News, VA. I am a 2nd generation breeder of Bassets. I grew up in the breeding business, my father did it for 35 years until his death in 2018. I have experience, but now with Goldens yet. I do however

Alaine 12.06.2020 21:32

Hi. I do not have any puppies available now. If I were to breed another girl I will post it on my website. I am not making any lists now. Good luck.

Amy Moniz 12.06.2020 00:42

Hi😀 we are looking to welcome one of your beautiful puppies into our home! Are any available now or in the near future?

Christina 30.05.2020 18:21

Hi can get on your waitlist or reserve a puppy for the next litter you have planned?

Alaine 31.05.2020 00:54

Hi. I won’t make a list until I breed Bets. I will post my plans when she comes in. Thanks.

Stephanie ciancio 22.05.2020 16:17

Hello, your Goldens are beautiful! I would like to receive updates and emails on any upcoming liters. I was referred to your site by Middletown vet. Thanks!

Alaine 22.05.2020 23:22

Stephanie I can only write a few sentences on this comment page!

Alaine 22.05.2020 23:21

Hi Stephanie. Now I have so many people requesting puppies that I cant keep up with them. I am telling people to check back on my website to see my plans.

Alaine 15.05.2020 16:19

Hi. If Bets ever comes in season I will breed her. I will post info. up on website when it happens. Thanks

Sara Doyle 14.05.2020 18:10

Hi, do you plan to have any future litters in 2020?

Kathy 01.05.2020 22:35

Hi, we are looking to bring a new golden into our family and wondering if you will have any new pups in the next few months.

Alaine 05.05.2020 17:38

Sorry all pups are spoken for.

Lisa busch 20.04.2020 21:47

Hi there, writing to inquire if you might have any Golden puppies available?

Alaine 21.04.2020 15:22

Hi. Until pups are born around May 2nd, I think all pups will be sold. Right now I am not taking anymore names. Thanks

Yasmeen 11.04.2020 07:01

Hi, I would love to know if there are still available male puppies in this upcoming litter. Also, when are you anticipating the next breeding to take place.

Etan Farfel 10.04.2020 00:13

Hello my name is Etan and I have been looking for a golden retriever for a while and was wondering if you had any available

Alaine 10.04.2020 14:59

Hi. At this point I would say all pups are sold. It might change once I see how many pups are born though.

Anna Rosennbaum 17.03.2020 14:15

Hi, we recently lost our golden, Harley, to cancer. I see in the previous comments that you might have a spring litter?

Alaine 17.03.2020 23:50

Hi Sera has been bred. I should know by end of March if she is pregnant or not.

GRACE 16.03.2020 18:57

Hello, my family and I are considering getting a golden, Are any litters available soon?

Alaine 17.03.2020 23:49

Hi, under litter page you will see Sera has been bred. I should know end of March if she is pregnant or not.

Sharon 05.02.2020 19:01

Hi, we lost our Golden on Christmas Eve (to cancer). We love the breed and wish to adopt a Golden puppy. Do you have pups available now or in future?

Will James 04.12.2019 02:47

Hello! my wife and I would like to speak with you about adopting a golden. Do you possibly have any upcoming litters in early 2020?

Alaine 08.12.2019 00:38

Hi. I plan to have a litter late next spring. I will post my plans on my website as the time gets closer. Thank you.

Michael W. 12.08.2019 14:54

Hi. My wife and I are searching for a golden puppy to add to our family. Are you anticipating a litter in early 2020?

Alaine 08.12.2019 00:37

Hi. I hope to have a litter later spring of next year. I will post on my website my plans as it gets closer. Thanks.

Kim Kjerulf 07.07.2019 21:01

I contacted a breeder referral and they stated you may have one female puppy available. Can you let me know if you have a female puppy available please?

Vicky 30.06.2019 14:44

My family and I are serious about adopting a Golden. Another breeder in the DMV area suggested I reach out to you about a 9wk old pup. Is she still available?

Alaine 05.07.2019 19:07

I am sorry she is gone.

Rachel H. 28.06.2019 15:51

My fiancé and I are interested in a female puppy and wanted to connect to learn more about you, your dogs, and your plans for the rest of 2019. Thanks!

Rachel H. 28.06.2019 21:46

Hi Alaine - Can you send me a direct email from your email address? I don't see it on the site. Thank you!

Alaine 28.06.2019 20:24

I have a female puppy for sale now and wont have another litter until early next year. Email me with more questions if you would like.
Thanks, Alaine

Dawn Robey 23.06.2019 23:10

Is the female puppy still available?

Alaine 26.06.2019 01:50

Yes she is. She is the red ribbon puppy.

Bonnie and Michael Luepkes 21.05.2019 00:37

Love your new website.

Danielle 07.05.2019 19:24

wondering if you have any upcoming litters planned?

Libby K 07.05.2019 19:01

Hi Alaine, we are looking for a puppy with a take home this summer/August. Do you have or know of anyone with puppy availability then? Thank you.

Adele Kohler 14.04.2019 13:12

Alaine we are looking for either a female puppy or young adult in the near future. We had to say goodbye to our beautiful Twin Beau D Bella earlier this year.

Stephanie Price 03.04.2019 12:51

Do you have any available litters in the near future?

Trish Hughes 25.03.2019 23:12

Very interested in a Female Puppy this spring. You were referred by Kelly Troup.
We had a beautiful male Golden for 15 years. Said goodby to Billy in June

Alaine 27.03.2019 18:25

Please email me as I can only write a few words on this site.

Gaby F. 25.03.2019 22:13

Alaine, I am interested in getting a puppy in the late Spring/early Summer this year. Could you please keep us in mind if you plan to breed in the near future?

Alex 07.02.2019 18:55

Hi Alaine, do you have any golden puppies available? My wife and I are looking to get one asap!

Alaine 08.02.2019 18:35

I do not have any now. I am planning on a breeding in the near future though. Thanks, Alaine

Mary Beth Schmidt 25.11.2018 16:32

Hi Alain’s,

We are interested in a puppy from any future litters you may have. We are the family that had adopted from Lycian in the past!

Alaine 07.12.2018 15:49

Linda Billings has a male puppy available 443-424-0092 Wont last long

Alaine 26.11.2018 14:46

Hi. I wont have another litter until spring. You can check back on my website to see my plans. Thanks for your inquiry.

Christy Downing 17.11.2018 02:27

Also interested in the sweet puppy missing her paw! If the many before me don’t take her I’m next in line!

Alaine 19.11.2018 00:58

Hi. She is going to her new home tomorrow. Thanks for your inquiry. Alaine

Laurie Smailer 17.11.2018 00:24

We would love the golden with the partially missing paw. I know that there are many before us, but if it should get to our family, please let me know!

Alaine 19.11.2018 00:57

Sorry she is going to new home tomorrow. Thanks for inquiry. Alaine

Cindy Lane 12.11.2018 01:28

Is she still available?

Alaine 12.11.2018 15:47

I have someone coming to see her. Thanks, Alaine

Sandra Brown 12.11.2018 00:01

Can you send me more info on this adorable little pup.

Alaine 12.11.2018 15:47

I do have someone coming to see her. Thanks, Alaine

Karen Gerth 11.11.2018 18:50

If any of the people above don't take her please contact me. I had a tripod and I also have a tripod now. Both golden. She looks gorgeous.

Alaine 11.11.2018 21:41

Karen = please call 443-910-0247. Thanks

Alison Trigona 11.11.2018 17:45

I just saw a Facebook post about sweet girl who lost her paw. We would absolutely love her, we already have a 2 year old mushy golden brother for Her!

Alaine 11.11.2018 18:17

Hi. I do have someone coming out of Wed. to see her. Thank you.

Kelsey Hinchliffe 11.11.2018 14:34

interested in receiving some more information about the limited mobility Golden!

Alaine 11.11.2018 21:49

Hi. I have someone coming Wed. to see her. Thanks, Alaine

Sue Cowan 11.11.2018 13:47

I have a tri-pawd (missing right front leg) golden that does therapy work with special ed children. I would very interested in speaking with you.

Alaine 13.11.2018 20:42

Sue give me a call please. 443-910-0247 Alaine

Alaine 11.11.2018 18:19

Hi. I have someone coming out to see her on Wed. Thank you.

Vicki Bergstrom 11.11.2018 12:39

I would be interested in the special needs puppy.

Alaine 11.11.2018 18:18

Hi. I have someone coming out on Wed. to see her. Thank you.

Diane johnston 11.11.2018 04:24

I would be interested in speaking to you
I have a 2 year old yellow lab female and I’m now living in Santa Fe

Alaine 11.11.2018 21:50

Hi. I have someone coming Wed. to see her. Thank you, Alaine

Carolyn Garneau 11.11.2018 01:06

Could you send us the puppy questionnaire for the female puppy that recently became available? Thank you!

Mary Beth Schmidt 11.11.2018 00:26

Hi, my family is very interested in the dog with the missing paw. My husband adopted a wonderful dog from Lycinans and he sadly passed away a few years ago.

Kim pannone 10.11.2018 23:21

I would love to have an opportunity for the little one with three legs.

Alaine 11.11.2018 21:44

Hi Someone is coming to look at her Wed. Thank you.

Zachary 10.11.2018 21:16

Hi there! Can you inbox me price and your location.

Alaine 11.11.2018 21:43

Hi someone is coming to look at her Wednesday. Thank you. Alaine

Terri Jones 10.11.2018 21:15

Is your 3 leg puppy spoken for?
If not, could you send info?
What is her energy level, temperament?

Alaine 11.11.2018 18:16

Hi. I do have someone coming out on Wed. to see her. Thank you.

Emma 10.11.2018 21:05

Hi!! I’d be interested in taking this sweet girl! I have a dog that I got in Maryland last December, he’s a Flash/Holly puppy. He just turned 1!

Toni 29.10.2018 22:14

I’ll keep looking for something that will help that beautiful
little girl. Please keep me posted on how she is doing..
I keep thinking about her.

Toni 29.10.2018 18:36

Alaine - just doing some research - there is a
product called Musher’s Secret Paw Protection
Natural Dog Wax. Check it out on Chewy website.
Might help.

Alaine 29.10.2018 21:10

Thanks-balloon didn’t work as other pups pulled it off right away.

Denise Steber 26.10.2018 11:22

Hey Alaine - Paul and I saw that you were planning another litter in the spring. We are looking for a brother for Jax & Porter.
We love your dogs!

Alaine 26.10.2018 14:50

Hi-only a few lines can be written. Hope boys are well and you and Paul. keep checking my website for more news. Take care. Pictures?

Alaine 24.10.2018 23:28

Hi. I wont have another litter until spring next year. Sorry for your loss-never easy. Alaine

Peggy Oster 24.10.2018 00:58

Hi Alaine, Very sadly we lost our Molly about two months ago. Do you have any litters planned in the hear future

Leslie 19.10.2018 00:50

Hi! I met one of your dogs and fell in love with his personality, calm temperament,and beauty. We hope to add a pup to our family—would love to chat more!

Cheryl Colfer 03.09.2018 04:40

Hi Alaine,
We are very interesting in your upcoming litter, we would love to know if any will be available or if they are spoken for. Thank you for your time!

Samantha Buzzelli 18.08.2018 07:48

Was inquiring if you have any of your beautiful Golden’s available or any upcoming litters with available puppies?

Janet Ventola 07.08.2018 19:35

Hi, I got your name from the golden retriever forum. We have recently lost our beautiful 13 year old golden and would like to add anew puppy to our family.a

Alaine 09.08.2018 15:06

Hi Janet. I have puppies due 9/5. I dont know yet whether I will have some available or not. IF you email my address I will keep you posted. Thanks.

Katie Kendall 24.07.2018 14:09

Hi Alaine,
Looking to see when your next litter is planned! Your dogs are beautiful :)

Addie Martin 30.06.2018 14:25

Hi Alaine, I contacted you earlier this summer regarding yesterday our fall litterbugs and was wondering if you had any more information. Let me know!

Mark Christiansen 07.05.2018 16:11

Do you have an email I can contact you at? Let me know here or @

Mark Christiansen 03.05.2018 18:54

Hi there, My name is Mark Christiansen and I'm out of Fairfax, Virginia. I wanted to reach out to inquire about upcoming litters in the summer/fall?

CHRISTINE Bernick 20.02.2018 20:33

We lost our 14 year old golden in November and would like a puppy or young dog. When are you expecting your next litter? Do you have any older puppies?

Alaine 22.02.2018 16:17

I do not know of any older pups for sale. I wont have another litter until later in the year. Good luck in your search.

Alaine 18.01.2018 01:27

Hi. I have a litter due the end of the month but I think all the pups have been spoken for. Google PVGRC and email their puppy referral person. Good luck.

Danny 14.01.2018 23:54

Hi, I found your name referred on goldenretriever forum. I am looking for a golden pup in the in the early spring or summer. Any information would help!

Kristen Graney 11.12.2017 21:42

Hi! Claire Owing recommended that I contact you and some affiliated with Chesapeake G. R. C. to chat? Looking for a new puppy to obtain TDI, spring litter ok.

Alaine 14.12.2017 21:31

Hi. I can only write a few words here. Please email me for more info. Alaine

Linda Schultz 16.11.2017 04:11

I am a family /FRIEND OF Patricia Williams in Albuquerque;NM I JUST LOST MY GOLDEN OF 11 YRS CAN YOU HELP ME FIND MY GOLDEN?

Alaine 16.11.2017 20:36

I wont have another litter until early spring - sorry. Good luck in your search.

Patricia Meeker 03.11.2017 17:25

I’m interested in the female puppy from Pebbles’ litter. Can you email me with information and price?

Alaine 04.11.2017 14:47

Hi Pat. Please email me as I can not give much info. on this page. Thanks, Alaine

Barbara Abrams 15.10.2017 21:33

Hi Alaine,We have Izzy a 2 yr old we bought from you in 2008. She terrific and we want another. Do you have any puppies or older adults for sale?

Alaine 04.10.2017 19:37

Winkin could possibly have a litter early in the year. Keep checking my page if you would like.

Jaclyn 04.10.2017 18:35

Do yoh plan om having any litters early next year?

Barbara Barre 24.09.2017 00:02

Alaine, Is it true you still have a female available from this litter? I lost Quincy and Bogart last year and am finally on the hunt for another Golden.

Alaine 24.09.2017 02:05

I am sorry-I am away til Thursday. I have I guess a great niece of the boys? Have to look that up. Same email if not send me one and I will answer on Thursday.

alaine 29.07.2017 16:24

Hi Ellen. Email me as I can only write a few sentences on the website. Alaine

Ellen Pagano 28.07.2017 15:20

Alaina, Susie from Moyer Jewelers in State College, PA, gave us your name. We are trying to find a golden puppy. Can you help us?

Kristin 06.03.2017 02:46


Do you know if you have any puppies available for spring/summer? If not, do you know of anyone who will? Thanks!! (:

Alaine 06.03.2017 18:33

Try Linda Billings - She has a girl due this week. Good luck in youor search.

Mita 22.02.2017 18:40

Wanted to know if you have any upcoming Litters.


Alaine 23.02.2017 01:41

No I do not have any litter coming in the near future.

sandy 30.05.2016 00:04

Hello...I met you several years ago at Bel Air's Farmer's Market. I am looking for 2 males from the same litter. Do you hope to have a litter in the fall? Thx

tracey 09.03.2016 05:00

Hi Alaine

do you know when you will have puppies

Alaine 15.01.2016 16:00

I am not sure yet when I will have another litter. Check back on my website as I will post my plans. Thanks for your inquiry.

Alaine 09.02.2016 00:50

I wont have any puppies this spring. You can try She has some pups for sale. Good luck.

Krish 08.02.2016 05:08

Hi Alaine,

I'm looking for a male pup to adapt from late May 2016. Do you think I can get one from you?

Carey 14.01.2016 02:08

Hi..when is your next litter and how do we inquire about the process? Looking for a female pup.

Chelsea 09.12.2015 16:53

Hi Alaine. Your dogs are beautiful! When are you planning your next litter? Thanks!

Alaine 09.12.2015 22:09

Hi. I wont have another litter until late next summer. Thanks for your inquiry.

Trudy 26.11.2015 00:27

Hi Alaine, I know u don't have any puppies for December, can u refer me to another local breeder that u would recommend? thanks, Trudy

Alaine 26.11.2015 15:30

Did you try Yankee Golden Retr. Club? They have a puppy referral person that give out breeders names with puppies. Good luck! Happy Thanksgiving.

Alaine 11.11.2015 19:11

Hi Trudy. I wont have any puppies in December. Good luck in your search.

Trudy 11.11.2015 00:41

Hi Alaine, Any golden retriever puppies available in December? Do u have pictures and how much are they?

Linda Lahey 19.10.2015 23:03

Hi! Just checking to see if the 2nd male puppy is ready to be adopted. The last time we spoke, you mentioned you could let me know in 7 weeks. Many thanks.

karen 21.09.2015 13:46

any pups or young adults available?

Barbara Flanders 06.09.2015 13:15

I am interested in a golden pup and heard you might be expecting some soon. Have all of your pups been spoken for?

Linda 31.08.2015 17:51

Alaine, thanks for letting me know.
I look forward to hearing about Pebbles next week.
Best wishes,

Alaine 10.09.2015 20:38

Pebbles had her pups. Email me on my reg. email for more info.

Linda 31.08.2015 17:11

Hi! Just checking on the new pups! I believe you were going to email me when they were born.

Alaine 31.08.2015 17:43

She reabsorbed the pups. Waiting now for Pebbles next week.

Anne 25.08.2015 01:33

I raised a Golden, "Clifford", aka Twin Beau D's Hi Spped Chase. Awesome dog. I've since migrated to rescuing doxies, but I long for another Golden.

Anne 25.08.2015 01:03

Please keep me in mind when you have pups. I met "Olivia" today when I was visiting a senior living community in Perry Hall, MD today. I was so impressed!